Online shopping for woodworking tools can be anything but may not satisfy. It can happen when you go to compare the wide range of prices with the best planers.

As a woodworker, hobbyist or professional, newbie or experience, whatever you are, but your workshop won’t complete without at least one piece of the planer.

If you are seeking to find out the best planers without any hassle of figuring out what is the real or what is the overinflated sales speaking, this review post can be for you.

Hundreds and thousands of types of planers are flooding in the market. They have individual specifications, features, design, and prices that are enough to make a significant confusion.

To make your job simple for you, we have made a list of the best planers where we have talked for the top ten planers with their best and worst. 

We also crafted a helpful guide to help to know to evaluate the best one.

Let’s get started!

A quick glance at our best planers


  • AMP: 15
  • Motor: 20000RPM
  • Knife cutter head: 3
  • Knife: Disposable & reversible steel
  • Maximum cut: 1/8-inches
  • Maximum input cut: 12 ½-inches
  • Warranty: 3 year
  • Service: 1 year free

Why do we like it?

Say hello to this powerful DeWalt DW734 model. With great features, this model comes with a high-quality, excellent design that will be the best for any workshop. You can compare this model with others only for its one-speed feature.

It is lightweight where the weight of it is 80- pounds only. This can save you more money if you don’t get a second speed. Smooth finish cutting makes to immense to the consumers. Three knives cutter head will take less time to wear.

This model is an extendable and broad base that gives the user more and more able to complete any work, even more, substantial pieces. You can handle it very quickly because it is extremely quiet and so portable.

However, if you desire to get absolute best planers, you can target this planer for your workshop. You can enjoy it with a 3-years warranty and also a 1-year free service though may be claimed for the dust collection system.


  • Soft finish cut on the final pass.
  • Greatly rated.
  • Very trendy.
  • Strength.
  • High-quality built to last.
  • Minimum snipe.
  • Great for money
  • Relatively quiet


  • Not portable
  • Replacement knife is expensive
  • Heavy to consider as a portable planer.

2. WEN 6530 6-Amp

Style: Electric Hand Planer

  • Motor: 6 AMP
  • Motor: 17000RPM
  • Maximum cut: 1/8-inch
  • Size: 3 1/4-inches
  • Weight; 6.5lbs
  • Power source: Corded-electric
  • Warranty: 2-years

Why do we like it?

So, are you thinking of fixing the jammed furniture or doors or smoothing the rough edges of any cabinet? However, a short of ideal tools push you back to make against your willingness to take exploit on them.

You have to set electric hand planers for making your job simple and also can save you time. Here you can select WEN 65306-AMP planer that made with high-quality features and design following the high technology.

This model is so significant and useful for smooth out the rough edge, chip, and flake. It will work just like a dream for fixing even stubborn doors and wooed pieces. It can be planed for splinter off any sort of offense until you will acquire a soft surface.

This electric planer model made in China and the weight of it is only 8-pounds that make it so lightweight and portable to use. You can take anywhere if you need to move it for your work objects. This equipment includes an electric hand planer, dust bag, one rabbeting guide, one kickstand, and also a parallel fence bracket. 


  • Good enough for woodworking jobs
  • Easy & pretty operating system
  • Perfect for indoor and Jobsite
  • Great add for professional use
  • Super share blade


  • The manual guide didn’t add sufficient instruction
  • Claim for dust bag.

3. DeWalt DW735X

Style: Thickness Planer

  • 15-AMP & 20,000 RPM
  • Three knives cutter-head
  • Two-speed gearbox
  • Dust Hose Adaptor
  • Dust-ejection chute.
  • Max cut: 1/8 inch
  • Max input cut: 13 inch
  • Three-year warranty
  • One year of free service
  • 90-days money-back guarantee

Why do we like it?

Say welcomes another model of DeWalt, DeWalt DW735X. We have listed it for its popularity to the customers and, depending on their more reviews. This is mainly a thickness planer that comes with a three-knife cutter head, and they will reduce the stress on every knife and offer the users for the fine finishing.

The wide base makes it easy for you to work with broader and longer workpieces. This model works with less noise than other competing planers. The excellent features of it make it a more portable and durable planer. It is an excellent tool for the money. The weight of this tool is 100 pounds that make it bulky, and most of the users don’t want to move it frequently.

Just like a professional planer, this model works well for any workshop for any larger jobs that you can get in your budget. The speed of it is adjustable and very excellent controlling power will make the workers plan more excellent. You can change the feeding speed with the large depth turret that offers you to back to thickness. 


Great customer service

  • Durable & well-quality
  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Wide base
  • Recommended for professional users


  • Heavy
  • Replacement knives are expensive

4. Porter-cable PC305TP

Style: Thickness Planers

  • Motor: 15 AMP & 8000RPM
  • Weight: 64.8 pounds
  • Measurement system: Metric
  • Maximum cut: 12-inch
  • Two knife
  • Belt: Poly V

Why do we like it?

Pick and pack a portable cable thickness planer to use in your home or in your workplace. Don’t worry; you can handle little to a larger project with the help of this powerful planer. It belongs to powerful motor 15-AMP & 8000 RPM.

Two blades feature with knives that are replaceable and crafted from higher carbon steel. You must love the belt feature that made with a poly V cutter head drive. This belt allows you for maximum power shift to work so fast but safely. This feature is a great purchase for any home DIYer.

You can pack it because it is a perfect and affordable thickness planer for any small woodworking place. It works with less noise that keeps the environment peaceful and increases the attention of the workers or users.

The blades of this cutter have a double side where one side find blunts and other sharp ends. The first side helps you to adjust to take the cutter head off, and the next one works just like the latest blade. Overall this planer will be perfect for your workshop. We know if you use it for once, you will love it and desire to keep all the time.


  • Powerful motor
  • Quick knife change
  • Perfect for home & workshop use
  • Perfect for glued-up wood equipment
  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth operating system
  •  Long life


  • May be claimed about changing the blades

5. WEN 6552T Benchtop Corded

Style: Thickness Planer

  • Plane boards: 6 Inch thick & 13 Inch wide
  • Motor:15AMP & 25,500 PRM
  • Three-blade design for the hardest of woods
  • Fan-assisted dust port remover
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Two-year warranty

Why do we like it?

WEN designed a lot of fantastic models from where we have select WEN 6552T that comes with a 13-inch thickness planer. You can buy this because it won’t spend your more money that can break your budget.

This planer permits you to adjust the depth of tools anywhere with 0 to 3/32 inch. The great option of it fan-assisted dust post that can remove the sawdust from the workspaces without using your hand.

What’s more? Carbon steel blades offer you great work. The granite table never supplies an extremely smooth surface for smooth finishing. The weight of it is only 70 pounds that make it transportable anywhere. The excellent service of the manufacturer is also a great option for you.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Trouble-free to change blades
  • Improved and more strength version
  • Perfect for the home DIYer / occasional user.
  • Planes boards quickly & safely
  • Sawdust removing fan


  • Claimed for leading or trailing edge
  • Not right for significant industrial use

6. Jet 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX

Style: Jointer Planer

  • Size: 6
  • Color: Port
  • Weight: 256 pounds
  • Quick set-knives system
  • Power source: Electric corded
  • Voltage: 115V

Why do we like it?

To list for professional planers, we have select it to share the review of it. Yes, if you are seeking professional grade planers for your workshop, you must pick it. It is well-known for its exceptional design and features that work well and perfect for any big project.

The cast iron table is right for more jobs that are durable enough that make it retain the look and make it stronger for long-lasting. It also comes with one horsepower motor with the help of it you can handle the device even in toughest jobs.

To get a smooth cut, three steel knives will help you more and more that can save you time and money. So, get stable and longer harder wood boards within a short time. We know you will appreciate the dust port that has come with the very bottom section of the machine. 


  • Cast iron table
  • Less vibration
  • The 4-inches dust collection port
  • Three speeds
  • Controlling the push button
  • Durable


  • Need higher safety during shipping
  • Heavy

7. Porter-cable – PC60THP

Style: Hand Planer

  • Motor: 6 AMP
  • Shoe: Aluminum
  • Shoe size: 11-inches
  • Weight: 8.45 pounds
  • Size: 1-pack
  • Color: Hand planer
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Certification: Frustration-free

Why do we like it?

We like it, and we know you also love it to keep with you in your workshop of any DIY-job of your home. Why? Let’s try to know about it.

Every woodworker tries to know the features of the devices, especially when they are electric machines and the quality with the brand. In this case, this model comes from a well-known brand with great features and also highly qualified.

Depth adjustment knob allows the users to adjust and a quick change into the depth. Though the finish of the surface of the wood won’t be more smooth, it is still good enough for most of the user’s projects.

If you desire to pick a handheld planer to move with it where you need, this portable cable hand planer will be an excellent plan for you. The dust extraction ports of both sides make you feel comfortable when you will stay with it. The 8.5 pounds weight makes it suitable to move and handle it so only.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect for home DIY or professional jobs
  • Easy depth adjustment
  • Shoe is aluminum
  • Dual dust side


  • May be claimed for controlling quality issue

8. Makita KP0810

Style: Portable Planer

  • Wide: 3 ¼ inches
  • Depth: 5/32 inches
  • RPM: 16,000
  • Motor: 7.5 AMP30-days money-back guarantee
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Free service: 1-year
  • Weight: 10.75 pounds
  • Wattage: 850watt

Why do we like it?

Love portable planer. You wish to pick the adjustable angle with a 3-degree angle guide for wood though it’s not a big deal. To fulfill your wish, you can select this Makita KP08103 that is a 3-1/4 inch portable planer.

It is a fantastic tool that is an extremely accurate and reliable device for the home of the shop. This pack comes with other essential tools such as blades gauge assembly, wrench, guide rules, blade set with depth guide.

If you think of getting planers for your home jobs, you can choose this planer. This is a little more money compared with cheap models, but it is durable. It is also perfect for small projects but also a professional woodworker.

So, avoid the wrong collection for an easy job, pick this 16000RPM 7.5 AMP motor device to supply extra power. The ejection system from the motor and cut surface to decrease the risk of overheating and also you will choose that side you wish the debris to pour out according to your work.


  • Super speed & operating system
  • Continuous operating system
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort & convenience
  • Durable
  • Precision


  • Heavyweight
  • Need to replace the blade many times

9. Jet 708528 JWP-208-1

Style: Horsepower Planer

  • Horsepower: 3 HP
  • Voltage: 230V
  • RPM: 5000
  • Maximum depth of cut 3 32 inch
  • Weight: 765 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year

Why do we like it?

Professional woodworkers just love this planer for its fantastic capacity with a complete 20-inch width with 6-inch under cutter head and full width with a maximum depth of cut 3/32 inch. With those features, we like it and select it for our review list.

3-horsepower and single phase with 230-volt motor gives the user 5000RPM for a total of 20000 cuts per minute that will work with the four-knife cutter head. Then the raw lumber works for smooth and ready to work for boards within a minute.

The gearbox of this tool has two feed speeds that will help you to set up easily by pulling out in a lever when the portable planer runs.

There has three-rugged steel that grabs grip stocking for you with paired and three rubber outfeed roller. The anti-kickback fingers of the device help you to operate with gravity and keeping stock by thrown back at you. Overall this device is a fantastic machine for the digital job.


  • Strong plus durable cast iron base.
  • Large metal supply tables on the sides.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 1.5-horsepower motor with two v-belts.
  • 115/230V motor.
  • Affordable


  • Replacing the blade is so difficult

10. Powermatic 1791213

Style: Planer

  • Deep cut: 3/16 inch
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Horsepower: 3 HP
  • Weight: 537 pounds
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • Manual & warranty card

Why do we like it?

For smooth cutting and excellent finishing, we recommend this Powermatic planer that comes with some accessories with it. They are 15-inch planer, dust hood, two cast iron with an extension table, handwheel, good handle, four wrenches, two open-ended wrench, three bags of fasteners, screwdriver, ten additional knife insert, plus driver and socket.

This top-level planer is perfect for any professional woodworking project. The Byrd cutter head makes it durable, and ultra-efficient are right for spiral-shaped rows. Easy process to handle and cut with accurate shape and size within a short time made it great to the consumers.

To get a smooth cut, three steel knives will help you more and more that can save you time and money. So, get stable and longer harder wood boards within a short time. We know you will appreciate the dust port that has come with the very bottom section of the machine.


  • Smooth & quiet cut
  • Reliable performance
  • Smooth for infeeds & outfeeds
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Maneuverable


  • Exclusive
  • Heavy

Types of Planers

Before going to read the reviews, ensure to learn what kind of planers you need. There are various types of planers available, and we have shown some samples of planers here. And, every category is not right for every work field.

# 1 Power handheld planers

If you decided to use the planer in your home or for any small job, the handheld planer would provide the right tool for you. It’ll give you that you love to get from a powerful tool. The design of this type of planer is so comfortable and lets you move it with your workpieces where you want.

This kind of planer will make durable, sturdy, affordable, and adjustable. The controlling of it in your work is so powerful. The controlling button helps you to adjust the tools and the workpiece with speed. You can change the setting of the tools if you think.

# 2 Benchtop Planer

If you are seeking heavyweight types tools for your shop and you are working as a professional, benchtop types planer will provide the best planers for you. Most of the wood workshop love to pick these types of planers for their job field. 

This type of planer will take more space, and they are also cumbersome. So, you have to set up such a comfortable place from where you don’t need to move every work time. Every model of benchtop planers is sturdy and long-lasting. So, they are great tools for the money.  

# 3 Thickness planer

Thickness planer also comes with highly great features that have to common for professional workshops. Each thickness planer contains three distinct features like the table, roller and cutter. They are the main factors that make it amazing to cut with accurate metals.

The work of these three features is: the table lets you adjust to cut through thicker as well as thinner pieces of elements and give you controlling power. The roller features various types of the roller that allow the wood to move and cut the area that plane down the metal slowly.

# 4 Portable planer

The portable planer has come for severe jobs. For simple work, you have to avoid these types of planer. Though these kinds of planers model consider more than powerful handheld planers, you will carry them from one workplace to another and also come back again it quickly.

Some of them have come with the removable table that you will put up and also take down within a minute. The functions of portable planers are the same as the jointer planers. Cutting processes and tools around the workplace are also equal. As a bonus, this type of planer also works like benchtop planer models, but they are so light than jointer or benchtop models.     

# 5 Jointer planer

The jointer planer is mainly a great combination of two detach tools. Jointer planer works just like a planer and also as a jointer. The two functions have two different duties. Jointer planer is not more expensive than other models or types, and it doesn’t need more space to set up. So, it can save your money and place it at a time.

How to Choose the best Planers

After looking at several types and models planer, maybe you are now confused and thinking about what types of planers or which model will be perfect for your jobs. Don’t be confused; we also made this job is comfortable for you.

There have some key points that let you know how to choose the perfect and the best planer as your requirement. Continue to read and understand our next points to save your time and money as well.  

# 1 Table Size

Considering the size of the table that comes with the planer and the size of the area of cutting is more significant. Most of the affordable models that mainly come to home improvement with supporting tables, and they are up to 15-inches thick and wide.

This is the larger enough to complete a job basically. So, you need to go with that planer that will work with a table that is more than 29-inch long.

# 2 Cutting Area

Cutting support table and cutting area is equally significant. Several blades follow different types of shapes and styles. Most of the planers come with a helical head that will move across the boards faster.

Several spiral designs are available that will prefer for planers. This will allow you to make a smooth finishing that will smooth surface than you dreamed.

# 3 Noise and Sounds

Before investing a lot of money for new power tools or planers, you have to consider must the action of the instrument. Professional woodworking shop always supports less noise and sounds that machines they use in their factory.

If the planers create more noise and sound, it’ll decrease the work’s attention and make a harmful environment in the work area. It so bothers for the worker. The handheld planer will make more noise than the benchtop planer.

# 4 Motor

The motor is the heart of the best planers. So, before making any final decision, check out the engine and its overall size that comes with the planers. Most of the cheaper models contain a universal motor where the engines are lightweight, but they won’t well anyway.

So, think for the weight, voltage, AMP, RPM, and the power of the motor is so significant for your workshop. The best motor will make durable and perfect for all types of woodworking.

# 5 Size

Planers may be small or large in format. It isn’t a matter. But it is essential to know what size actually will perfect for you. A different model is a different size, and their job will be different according to their size. So, if you have to think about your job and which size you need.

# 6 Blades

Blades are the main factor for any power tool. Without a blade, the planers are useless. A planer can use from a single blade system, and the commercial planer version uses two or more blades. But select the replaceable blades. This type of blades will help you to create a deep sharp, and it’ll make the planer long-lasting.

# 7 Power

The motor’s AMP rating can measure the power of the planer. The commercial version of the planer has come for heavier duty that can be measured by HP. It helps you to examine the maximum cutting depth and understanding of how will be the powerful this planer. More power, more smooth surface.

# 8 Speed

The cutting speed is a good indication of the best planers. This specification may be enlisted as the RPM that refers to rotation per minute. This measurement examines the cutting head speed and how many cuts will make during per minute.

# 9 Feed Rate

The feeding rate can be measured in FPM or feet per minute. With the lower FPM rate, the wood will feed in the machine, and it goes more slowly. A slower feed may allow you for a significant number of cut with so far smoother surface.

# 10 Warranty

Warranty is the most significant factor, especially for any electric device. Most of the best planers manufacture companies offer different types of warranty. Some offer one year where some offer five years warranty. They also will provide you with a money-back guarantee or free service for some fixed duration.

Best Planers Safety Tips and Tricks

The new planer operating system needs to maintain some factors that are important for safety during working or cutting any tools. The safety supports the same importance as the features and specifications of the planer. Here we have discussed some significant handy tips that will work to save yourself in your workplace.

  • Wear Goggles: Always wear essential goggles when you are working with your planer. These safety goggles work to save your eyes from any hazard.
  • Use earplug: Loud sound or vibration in the workplace will hamper for your ear. If you use the ear plug, you can save from louder sounds.
  • Use push block: Similar to the table saw you have to push back the wood, but it can be done smoothly without any force.
  • Wood size: This is very significant to use the correct wood size that can be worked straightly.
  •  Stay away from blades: Keep your hands, hair, cloth, and fingers far away from edges. Avoid long hair and loose clothing when you go to work with the planer.

Wrap up

The pick and use of the best planers will help you to elevate the woodworking and the carpentry skills from beginner to skill level. Cut down the wood into the perfect size and make a smooth finish with the help of hand is not possible. So, the best planers only can help you to make all the works or projects more perfect than handy jobs.

So, it is essential to find out the best planers. Though it is not a simple job, we have done it easy for you. We hope, now, you are ready to pick any planer as your requirement within a short, and you can invest your valuable money for the best one.


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