Hobbies or professional, DIY project or big project of woodwork shop whatever you can’t think of them without the best wood lathe. Without turning wood as your plan or your ability to make lovely woodwork become limited, also maybe not possible. 

So, if you desire to bypass a lot of brain strain, you should jump into the right wood lathe reviews. In this case, you can read this review post with buying advice. This guide will explain everything in front of you everything that you should know before making the right decision.

But it is right that buying a wood lathe isn’t an easy task. A ton of products is floating in the market now. From them, select the best one is a difficult task and has to spend a lot of time.

Best wood lathe

Considering all of these, we have planed this post that will help you to discover the best wood lathe in your budget and save you valuable time.

So, don’t waste your time more, let’s go straight into the details.

Amazon Best Seller; Best Wood Lathe For You Buy

1. Nova 71118 Comet II DR – Midi Lathe

Style: NEW Model

Warranty: 1-year

Replacement for all parts: 5-years

Speed range: 250-4000 RPM

If you are seeking mini wood lathe for flexible woodworking, you can read this 12-inch lathe. It comes with great features and high-quality specification that has ¾ HP powerful electronic and variable speeds with digital readout.

It also comes to the revolution within per minute that can be capable you and doesn’t essential to look more tools further than this Nova Comet II variable mini wood lathe. You may give surety this particular model and you can in getting the super-fast revolving mini wood lathe into the market.

This wood lathe inserts with tailstock and headstock spin as well as 4000RPM. This is an excellent considering point. The speed range can concern as well as you can decide on among low, medium, and high-speed range by 3-steps winch that will offer super elasticity for the users.


Dominant ¾ HP speed

3-steps winch system

Comes with a self-banishing tailstock

Comes from solid cast iron

Variable modification speed


Some consumers claimed for the tailstock.

2. WEN 3420T Speed Benchtop – Mini Wood Lathe

Style: 8 by 12 in

Material: metal

Perfect for: Pens, chess pieces, and other small workpieces

Speed range: 750-3200 RPM

Are you searching for wood lathe for completing a small project and limited power with swing capacity? You can search out this WEN 3420T speed benchtop wood lathe that comes with the flat wrench of 3mm and two hex wrenches of 5mm. Some other trimmings are a holder, knockout rod, and headstock urge center with a tailstock cup center.

Unlike most of the midi wood lathe and full-size wood lathe offer permanent rapidity control, the WEN 3420T lathe will propose five separate speeds. They are 520, 900, 1400, 2150, and 3400 RPM. We particularly like the extensive enclosure of the 3.125-inch faceplate that it may be used for non-spindle work pieces.

You should not be anxious about the control ability of the wood lathe with 4.5A motor that will make available best torque for the bench top lathe. Besides, it is durable with 70-puls pound frame that will ensure you that there is no vibration while operating it for jobs. It is one of the best reasonable wood lathes that are perfect for beginner users.


Easy to use with a lever clamping system

Perfectly fits for workpieces that are up to 8-inch to 12-inches long

Ideal for small workpieces

Comes with several accessories

Great for money

2-years warranty with a money-back guarantee


There have no mounting holes to fix it permanently

3. Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch – Midi Lathe

Color: Gray

Power source: Electric-corded

Speed range: 250-1725RPM

Warranty: 5-years

If there has a wood lathe that can compete toe-to-toe with our best pick, it is one. Like 1221VS, this 46-460 comes with constant range speed control. You will be able to set up at any value among the three ranges, such as the first one is 250 to 750 RPM, the second one is 600 to 1800 RPM, and the third one is 1350 to 4000RPM.

Choosing a desirable speed range is so simple due to the belt tension process. You won’t feel any trouble while shifting the speed range. However, the 46 to 460 model has no capability of the digital readout. You should have to look at with rapidity, though the 46-460 will present the best class swing.

But everyone won’t require the long tail bed. If you desire to work for small workpieces, this lathe lets you work as your requirement that you need. Depending on the work objects, this wood lathe inadequacy and you can’t anxiety at all.


Premium performance with an affordable price

Continuous speed range controlling process

1-HP motor

Patented belt tension process

High swing for over the bed


No speed readout

The short distance between center-to-center

4. Fox W1758 Wood Lathe

Speed range: 600-2400 RPM

Horsepower: 2-HP

Warranty: 2-year

Source power: corded-electric

If you want to select perfect small or medium size wood lathe for a more significant project, you can choose this Shop Fox W1758 wood lathe machine. This lathe machine will grateful and can be able to satisfy your requirements that need woodworking.

If you consider the fact that the speed range of the power of wood lathe for personal use or professional use, you can pick it for you, 2-HP motor power is perfect for all types of work, and the power range speed is ideal for any job projects.

Now this wood lathe machine boasts such as the dominant motor and the object of it will well to guard against vibration as well as also other possible malfunctions. For this reason, the individuals at Shop Fox made with the body and legs of this machine from heavy cast iron and strong withstand.


Made from heavy cast iron

Great for 2-HP motor

Quick-lock lever for the headstock and tailstock

Spindle tachometer

Variable and adjustable range speed



Claimed for the locking mechanism

5. JET JWL-1221VS Wood Lathe

Style: Variable Speed Wood Lathe

Speed range: 60-3600 RPM

Weight: 120 pounds

Warranty: 5-years

The JET JWL-1221VS wood lathe is one of the best woodturning machines in the market. This model is very well-known among the beginners to expert woodturners. However, the price is not out of your hand, it is affordable, and you can pick it in your budget.

Why are we recommending it? The main reason is that this model comes with the head as well as shoulders apart from another product in the market with an adjustable speed controlling system. The range speed control comes with two types, and they are continuous and discrete control.

However, this wood lathe machine comes also with two downsides. The first one is the center to center distance between 1221V inches. If you desire to rotate any workpiece longer than 12-inches, you will allow with the bed extension. The second point is that the machine is so massive that it is also 120-pounds in weight.


Adjustable and variable range speed

Digital RPM readout

Smooth transition from forward to reverse

Belt system

Sturdy and affordable


Bad extension

6. RIKON Power Tools 70-105 – Mini Lathe

Warranty: 5-year

Material: Plastic

Voltage: 120-volt

Wattage: 375 watt

The Rikon power toll 70-105 is another listed wood lathe of us that is also a mini lathe and mid-range wood lathe. This is listed into our top pick for its 120 voltage and 325 wattages that will save your energy and even money.

It has short stocks that opposed to thin and long stocks. It is so affordable with high-quality specifications. Though it will get with a fantastic budget, it has a low-RPM setting. You can enjoy your any smaller to the most extensive job with this lathe tools and feel comfortable for any projects.

However, the distance between the centers to center of this machine is only 12-inch. It will allow you to overcome any issue by adjusting the extension bed though here have a few limitations also. The best part of this tool is suitable for this warranty that makes it so reliable to the consumers.


High-quality range speed


Short stock but ideal for turning tools

Portable and reliable


Distinct speed control

7. Jet 719500 JWL-1640EVS wood Lathe

Style: Lathe

Speed range: 40-3200 RPM

Warranty: 5-years

Voltage: 230 volts

Boasting the exterior of the sci-fi contrivance that should have simply passed as the support for a Stanley Kubrick film, this variable speed with wood lathe coming from a company called Jet is a fantastic piece of woodworking elements right for the several of woodworking jobs.

One of the largest and strength of this wood lathe special would be incredible range speed control variations it allows you. You can get from 60 RPM to 3600 RPM that is impressive range speed.

The means of it you can be capable of approaching with several woodworking projects with accurate and can control all the time you can use this wood lathe. 

In this case, you desire to use this tool in reverse, and you don’t need to worry about the transition to give the users any headache at all. The Jet wood lathe has also organized with the smooth change from forward to turn around gear. So you can’t worry about adjusting when it functions.


Outstanding speed adaptable system

Spring spindle lock

The ratchet method belt tension

24 included indexing position

Silky transition


A few consumers claimed for pitiable customer service

8. Laguna Tools Revo Lathe

Size: 220 volt

Speed range: 3500RPM

Color: Black

Power range: 2 HP

Representing a sharp looking as well as powerful lathe machine, this contraption comes from Laguna tools that will boast 2HP motor and able to produce up to 1725 RPM. This quantity of power usually is more than small, medium, and the most significant projects that you should desire to embark on.

Anything about this model was made for producing the user’s requirement projects with feeling so comfortable when they work with this wood lathe. It allows the user t6o to get the best result with the high unit. That is why the Laguna wood lathe machine more essential and highly functional tools.

With the section of other components, this wood lathe model is nice-looking well and it has made from high-quality steel. The materials make the lathe durable and reliable properties.


Comes with powerful 2HP motor

Range speed up to 3500 RPM

Variable speed

Control panel that comes from anodized aluminum

Comes from high-quality steel


Some consumers claimed for the headstock

9. Powermatic 1352001 Model 3520B – Wood Lathe

Style: Wood Lathe with RPM Digital Readout

Warranty: 1-year

Horsepower: 2HP

Power-source: corded-electric

If you are searching for a durable and affordable wood lathe machine, you can take this. It is perfect for individual or professional and industrial woodworks.

This model of lathe represents a great woodworking power station that comes with the 2-HP motor capability of taking on the most substantial tough chunks of wood lathe and turn into toothpicks within no time.

The greatest thing about this powerful motor is that it comes with several speeds. You may modify the strength of the rotation when you like to work with your project.

This wood lathe comes with great features and perfect for the wood lathe that works for industrial mood. It is affordable and durable that consists of excellent specifications and attitudes.


Include a digital RPM display that will read simply

Made from heavy-duty cast iron

Perfect for even industrial job

Powerful and strength horsepower

Variable range speed


Some customers don’t like to assemble it.

10. PSI Woodworking KWL-1218VS – Midi Lathe

Style: Variable speed

Speed range: 1950-3800 RPM

Size: 12-inch

Material: Cast-iron

Warranty: 3-years

When you are still now thinking of finding out the most strength wood lathe, you can consider for this lathe machine. This also comes with all high-quality features and specifications that contain variable speed and perfect mini wood lathe model for individual and professional use.

It is a durable and budget-friendly machine that is such strength and portable. It is well-known for its significant RPM while other lathe device starts from 1900 and ends with 3800 RPM.  A ton of spinning power allows you to use it for any suitable projects.

The bottom of this woodworking representation made from cast iron that made it so much more reliable. Now you can use it with rest and assured that it comes for surviving everything that already assumed to destroy.


1-HP strong motor

Two-belt position

A hex wrench

Make stable it rubber fit

Safe and secure goggles

Features for a special workshop

Great screwdriver


Claimed for work lamp and lamp holder.

A brief buyer’s guide

Have you read the reviews? Now it is time to think about some points that need to learn before jumping the final decision that will give your choice final makeup. It’ll be the best decision for you.

Before purchasing the best wood lathe for your workshop, you have to also some points that must assist you in selecting the exact cutter. As a result, you won’t face any trouble when you pick it finally.


You have known wood lathe a motorized machine. They mainly come with different types of the electric motor, and their speed range will vary depending on their size and most of the time, according to their purpose.

Considering your working factor, you can select the HP of the motor. If your work is so smaller, you will choose a 1/8 HP motor. When you go to work with the most significant project, you have to select a more powerful engine such as 1 to 3 HP.


The headstock is an essential and most crucial part of the best wood lathe. It represents the two elements that will hold the required wood in place firmly.

So, it is the part where you can be mounting the chuck. So, it is significant for this piece that make it sturdy and perfect customized when you desire to work with unlike parts with no any tailstock.

For instance, a wooden bowl plus similar products will be attached both of the headstock and tailstock, and the reason for it they have to concave out ultimately. For this reason, you have to take a strength drive center with a faceplate on the headstock to assemble and completed the work.


The second and also the most significant part of the wood lathe is tailstock. The tailstock will stand for a sturdy rotating pin that will provide to protect a piece of wood from another side. The tailstock only provides to protect a more significant part of wood from the other side from the smaller part. It can’t be protected in this way for technological motivation.

Tool rest

The tremendous job of the wood lathe is to control the condition by enchanting out the only tiny part of wood at a time. You won’t work so fast or with rough handed.

Once you will have secure the part of the wood that you desired to work on as well as you should come close to it so carefully, so take great care when you are using the hand tool like chisels.

Here the purpose of the tool rest is to help you to lead the tool using towards the wood lathe that permits you to work with accurately. The best tool is able to accumulate anywhere into the neighborhood of the wood lathe where it will must.


Thought the best wood lathe has the capacity to give you a lot of freedom, it comes with a few accessories that will move toward the woodworking. They are also a significant useful part of the lathe that will assist you in getting more meaningful use with this machine.

So, wood lathe accessories will come with the tool described above rest, tailstock, chucks, and various types of adapters with drive centers. There you can get some logistic tools like lathe light, calipers, and also other measuring instruments.

Type of lathe

There are various types of wood lathe available such as mini wood lathe, benchtop wood lathe, and full-size wood lathe. Based on your works requirement, you have to select which one would be perfect for your workshop. But on the other factors, you also have to think about the space of your studio.

If you go for a mini wood lathe, you can take it because it needs a few spaces that could include any workshop. And this type of machine is perfect for making small items like pens, bowls, or rings. But full-size wood lathe needs the most abundant space, and it works for big things or projects like to turn a block of wood for the living.

Motor Speed

How do you know what the range speed of the lathe that you will pick is? You can’t start it instantly there, and it is not possible. So, there has a rule that you can check the RPM of the wood lathe that will ensure you the range speed of the wood lathe that you want to purchase.

Sufficient space

For your required wood lathe, need adequate space in your workshop. When you need to pick the full-size wood lathe, you have to arrange an ample space to shift it in your studio.

But if you need only a mini wood lathe, a small space will be perfect for you. But keep in mind that after shifting your machine, you must have sufficient place so that you can work comfortably.


When it happens that you have gone for purchasing some expensive machine that you will go for using possibly for a long time, you should consider if the investment makes logic. If you don’t make a proper plan before going to pick the machine, your valuable money will waste.

So, before going for woodworking devices, make a great plan and try to know actually for which job will you go for buying it? If you only need it for small jobs like make pens, bowls, rings, you have to better off to pick the mini wood lathe.

On the other hand, if you have planned or already have a workshop for woodworking, you can purchase a full-size wood lathe for your big or most significant jobs. Now know your purpose very well and make the final decision which tool will good for you.

Budget & price

Combination, your budget & pay for the best wood lathe is a great job. The budget will vary according to the purpose of the wood lathe. For beginners and the hobbyists, you should select a mini wood lathe that needs just $200 to $500 on average.

If you are working as a professional or expert worker, you can choose full-size wood lathe for which you have to invest $500 to $900 on average. 

How to hygienic a wood lathe

Clean the dust and dirt

The routinely pesters of the wood lathe is one of the biggest hygiene-related issues. The ensuing piece can be typical accretion of dirt and dust in it that very nooks ‘n’ cracks so to hit the highest point.

Just think for a second about it. All the time you can exertion with the wood lathe, you have a propensity to make a lots of the sawdust and other bitsy parts of the wood that will be scattered everywhere.

The largest area where it’ll get piled is a direct area of the wood lathe itself. So, just keep the wood lathe up and run for several years and you have to clean it up frequently – optimally after each applies.

The most straightforward process to get the wood lathe rid of the several small pieces of wood and the sawdust will be to vacuum clean the whole area. Even it’ll better if you use an air compressor and use it only for a blow out all the dirt and dust off the machine and then the vacuum will clean the floor after that.

Apply lubrication to the rail

Each mechanical piece of the machine needs a few lubrications now and then, and also, the wood lathe is no other exception. To make sure they will keep on it to serve for years to come, you need to tend to its rail, banjo, and tailstock regularly.

The bed moment will begin when the banjo with another movable portion will begin to lose their mobility as well as quickness. So, to avoid the early abrasion of some essential elements of a wood lathe, you should concern lubrication to the fraction.


Other than getting stuck together in the horrific screaming style due to necessitate lubrication, machines such as wood lathe are accountable to go through from other notable rust.

In fact, it is no matter how well you can save from harm the wood lathe beside rust. There have a few symbols of starting crawling up over time if you don’t get necessary cynical events to go ahead.

So, if you have stimulated a lot of green parts of setting wood that is chilly and as a result, the deed would be hygienic the whole mark and then take care of it with anti-oxidation liquid. So, follow this every time everywhere you suppose a little bit of oxidation will begin its unattractive head on the wood lathe.

How does a wood lathe well work?

A wood lathe device is a simple machine. It comes with several tools of it, such as a motor and a mechanism to set up a part of the wood that you can plan to work on plus a few additional elements.

The primary way it works well is the following.

You can set the portion of the machine that you offer to work in the chuck that you before added to the headstock. One time you have protected it, you have to ensure this object doesn’t fall off by inspection it again.

Now you may convey into the tailstock too for more protection. On the other hand, you can plan to make a bowl or a pen such as structure, and you may desire not to use the tailstock at all.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Which lathe will be best for a DIY project?

Ans: Well, it chiefly depends on the project. For example, if you would like to complete small jobs such as pens, bowls, and rolling pins, you can select mini wood lathe.

When you think of completing a more significant and more complicated organization, then you will most likely need the largest machine.

1.Why it’s expensive?

Ans:  When you think of purchasing a heavy-duty device with a powerful motor and a ton of accuracy machine concerned, the price of them will go so exorbitant. It is rational and sensible.

But you can be compared with hand tools that woodworkers use in their workshop. The price of wood lathe will appear just like an impossible difficulty in the path of expertise woodworking.

2.Which lathe is better wood lathe or metal lathe?

 Ans: Two of them are entirely different tools, thought their work is the same. But one of them is perfect for woodwork, and another one is suitable for metal projects. Both of them are useful for different tools.

Wrap up

Buying the best wood lathe can’t bring you to the finishing of the line. You also have to pick top tools that complement the bringing machine. Woodturning is a great particular talent craft that won’t be mastered suddenly.  There is slow but sure until now logical learning bend to this craft, so unrelenting try will assist you to develop.



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